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Kadang kita perlu menyambung beberapa file film pendek menjadi 1 film panjang, contohnya kita ada rekam video dengan Handycam, hasilnya ada 10 buah video pendek, terus mau dijadikan satu file saja maka kita perlu software atau program komputer untuk menggabungkannya.

Berikut ada 78 Software gratis untuk edit video, 14 buah program lisensi GPL (lebih bebas dari freeware) dan 64 adalah freeware, saya hanya sempat coba beberapa. Mungkin berguna untuk pengunjung blog ini.

14 Program Lisensi Publik Umum GNU (GNU General Public License)
  1. Avidemux : A video editor and encoder which can edit, encode, requantize MPEG and AVI, including DivX
  2. VirtualDub : A very good video capture and processing program
  3. VideoLAN Movie Creator : A non-linear editing software
  4. FilmFree : Video editing made easy
  5. AviSynth : A very powerful tool for video post-production
  6. Cut Assistant : This program helps cutting video files
  7. JahShaka : The worlds first OpenSource Realtime Editing and Effects System
  8. JVEditor : A easy to use editor for video files
  9. Animak : An utility that is used to create videos
  10. AVSEdit : Is derived from the DVX AviSynth Editor
  11. Scilab Aurora : It implements almost all important feature of a non-liner editor, such as filters effect, transition, motion setting
  12. VirtualDub MPEG2 : VirtualDub MPEG2 is a modded version of VirtualDub, with MPEG2 support
  13. Mpg2Cut2 : Fault Tolerant, GOP level, binary editor for basic cutting of Mpeg2 Program Stream files
  14. Vivia : A video editing program for Linux and Windows that offers very user-friendly editing of DV video material

64 Program Lisensi Freeware
  1. VideoPad Video Editor : Video editor software to edit movies and other video recordings
  2. FotoMix : A versatile program that allows you to mix and manipulate photos
  3. MPEG Streamclip : You can use this tool to: open and play most movie formats including MPEG files or transport streams
  4. Quick AVI Creator : Convert DVDs / videos to AVI / xvid / x264 files
  5. SolveigMM AVI Trimmer : An useful tool to enable a very fast trimming or cutting of an AVI
  6. AoA Video Joiner : Join multiple video files in various formats into one
  7. VTCage : Timeline based video editing software application
  8. Cuttermaran : A program for cutting MPEG1 or MPEG2 video streams
  9. Luxand Wave FX : Shoot realistic underwater videos with this wave plugin for Adobe After Effects
  10. VidToDisc : A (home) video capture, editing and converting software
  11. Breeze Light Edition : A multiple stream video processor
  12. MP4Box : An MP4 multiplexer that can import MPEG-4 video, DivX, XviD, h264 etc, audio streams and subtitles into the .mp4 container
  13. Chick Video Joiner : Easily combine multiple videos into a single file
  14. Chick Video Cutter : Free Video utility to help you to cut and split your video files
  15. Roll Credits : This application takes a still image and makes a scrolling credits AVI out of it
  16. ScreenEdit : A useful tool for editing QuickTime videos
  17. Kate's Video Joiner : Joins multiple videos of same or different format and save it as single video
  18. Kate's Video Cutter : Easy to use tool to extract part of video and save in same or different format
  19. DVBcut : dvbcut is a Qt application that allows you to select certain parts of an MPEG transport stream and save these parts
  20. SuperDVD Video Editor : An all-in-one solution for home video editing
  21. AVStoMPEG : An AviSynth and CCE / HC GUI for adding filters and convert video to MPEG
  22. Yamb : Yamb is the acronym of Yet Another Mp4Box UI
  23. PIXresizer : Select a folder with images and they will be resized just as you need them
  24. Free Video Converter : A handy movie file editor
  25. FLV Splitter : A Directshow splitter filter for FLV files, allowing you to playback FLV files
  26. VideoThang : Create, edit or enhance your video, then easily share it online with your friends!
  27. t@b ZS4 Video Editor for win32 : A video compositing/editing system with many effects
  28. Video Edit Master : A free video editor of any AVI (divx, xvid..etc) and MPEG video files with no quality loss
  29. EKD : Post-production software for videos and images
  30. AlphaTV AVI Editor : Will help you add copyright information to selected AVI file
  31. Movica Beta : A non-linear editor for .wmv and .mpeg files that uses asfbin and mpgtx
  32. Movie Rotator : This application will offer you the possibility to rotate any MOV file you need
  33. DVDforger : A DVD authoring application which creates DVDs from almost any kind of video files
  34. Fx newsound : Replace the sound track in digital movies
  35. Visible Human Video Editor : Create anatomic video presentations incorporating animations, sound, and cursor movements
  36. H264TS_Cutter : H264TS_Cutter allows you to cut HDTV-Transportstreams (AVC / H.264)
  37. WMV Muxer preview : WMV Muxer is a new muxer and encoder for the Windows Media Format
  38. AVE Visual Editor : AVE Visual Editor will allow the user without any programming experience to be able to use the features of AviSynth
  39. AviChop : Useful program for easily and quickly chopping up AVI files
  40. R.E.V.E : A Real Video Editor and a frontend/GUI to rmeditor
  41. Nandub : Compress AVI files using the AVI and MPEG4 video compression formats with Nandub
  42. Cinematheca : Cinematheca is a program for creating a movie collection and viewing those of your friends
  43. Steeper : Steeper enables you to repair, modify, join and cut out fragments from ASF and WMV files
  44. iMeXoR : iMeXoR - Video Image Extractor - has the capability of playing and extracting images from video files
  45. QE SuperResolution : QE SuperResolution - Enhanced and optimized frame extraction from videos
  46. AVI Maker : A simple and usefull video creator
  47. AVI Trimmer Component : AVI Trimmer Component is an engine designed for nonlinear editing of AVI files
  48. AviTricks Classic : AviTricks is an AVI video editor with real-time preview and adjustable effects
  49. Zwei-Stein Video Editor : Zwei-Stein is video editing and compositing software which aims to provide the facility to combine a variety of media types
  50. CombiMovie : Combine two or more mpg/mpeg files into a single continuous mpg movie
  51. BG_ASCII : BG_ASCII is an interactive ascii graphic tool
  52. ABC VideoRoll : ABC VideoRoll was designed to be a fully-featured video editing tool
  53. Avi Resize Tool : Resize your AVI video files
  54. Buzz 3D Media Converter : Buzz 3D Media Converter is an application that allows you to easily process video or images for transfer over the Internet
  55. RealProducer Basic : A perfect tool for users who want to create high-quality RealMedia, but don't need advanced features
  56. Wax 2.0e : A high performance and flexible video compositing and special effects software
  57. AsfBinMaster : Editor of any asf streaming media video and sound ASF, WMV and WMA (Cutting and joining video files)
  58. Freesky video splitter : A useful video editor
  59. Tapptoons Linetester : Tapptoons Linetester enables animators to input their drawings using a scanner or compatible video capture card
  60. Elecard Stream Cutter : Cuts portions of a predefined size or duration from an MPEG-2 file
  61. AvisynthEditor : Advanced Avisynth script editor
  62. MovieSnapshot : This easy to use application allows you to easily grab a frame from a video file and save it as JPEG image
  63. Soundtrack Producer : Soundtrack Producer allows audio (WAV) files to be overdubbed onto a video clip (AVI file)
  64. ASFCut : A command line utility used to cut out fragments, join, modify or repair ASF, WMV and WMA files
Klik sini untuk info lengkap dan download versi terbaru.

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