Amazon Kindle Fire review: Midnight oil -

GSMArena membuat review tablet pc Amazon Kindle Fire pada tanggal 17 Februari 2012 dengan judul Amazon Kindle Fire review: Midnight oil. Amazon Kindle Fire adalah tablet layar 7 inch yang tidak bisa dipakai untuk telepon dan sms.

Tablet Amazon Kindle Fire unggul dengan prosesor dual core 1GHz, memori 8GB dan koneksi WiFi. Kekurangan tablet adalah tidak ada slot memory card, tidak bisa internetan dengan jaringan 3G dan tidak ada kamera. Selengkapnya: Amazon Kindle Fire review: Midnight oil -

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Anonymous said...

As a long-time Kindle fan I was eager to get my hands on a Fire. For the most part I've found that it does what I wanted it to, which is be the one device I can take with me anywhere. There are some great features; the reader app is excellent (though not without flaws), the app store experience is terrific, videos are fantastic, and the device is quick and for the most part dead-simple to use, all thanks to the services Amazon provides.

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